The Investigative Group is your premier investigations agency providing you with experienced investigators and process servers.  Our investigators are highly skilled with investigations pertaining to Surveillance, Insurance AOE/COE, Family Law, Criminal Defense, Employee Misconduct, Asset, Backgrounds, Locate, Missing Persons and more.  We also offer polygraph – computer voice stress analyzer examinations (in office and mobile).

With any investigation, we understand that the need for accurate and timely information is vital. Our agency understands how difficult it can be to place your trust with someone you don’t know. That’s why at The Investigative Group, we offer consultations so that you are able to meet one on one with your investigator to discuss your specific needs. We want our clients to feel valued and as if they are part of our family. We treat you and your case with the genuine care and compassion that you deserve.

Our investigators come from law enforcement, government, or military backgrounds with decades of experience. We utilize the most advanced technology available to provide you with the best possible outcome. While no one can ever guarantee a specific outcome during an investigation, we do guarantee that our goal is to build lasting relationships and satisfied clients. Reach out to us today for your consultation. We will provide you with a thorough analysis of your situation so that we can provide you with the information you need, in order to make well informed decisions.


Your clients deserve the absolute best representation possible.  In order to do this, as you know, every effort should be taken to gather the important knowledge and evidence to help assist your client and to win your cases.  Many of our investigators come from a law enforcement background and have the experience necessary to recognize the valuable evidence needed to win your case.  We have legal experience in the following areas:  Criminal, Civil, Family, Personal Injury, Traffic/Collision, and more.  We offer the following customized services for our attorney clients:  Statements; Mitigation Investigations; Discovery; Asset Searches; Social Media Profiling; Character Handling; Criminal Defense; Service of Process and much more. We also offer state of the art, CVSA (Computer Voice Stress) examinations.

Contact our office to discuss your firm’s needs and our customized pricing structures for attorneys – 916.934.4736.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a Private Investigator do?

Private Investigators can help with criminal defense cases, conduct background checks, perform complex searches, conduct surveillance, interview witnesses, serve legal documents and so much more.  Many PI’s have experience in specialized areas.  Take a look at our services page to learn more!

How do I know which Private Investigator to hire?

Private Investigation is a specialized skillset.  When looking to hire a PI, you want to understand where they received their training and experience, and how many years they have been conducting investigations.  Unfortunately, like any field of work, you will encounter some investigators who are better than others.  We recommend that you take time to ensure they have a valid license by verifying the information with the state licensing board, BSIS, the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

For more information on hiring the right PI, take a look at our blog article “How to hire a PI“.

How much does it cost?

The cost to hire a Private Investigator will vary.  Some may charge a minimal fee and some will charge a much higher rate.  Typically you will pay an hourly fee, in addition to cost for items such a mileage.  Often times, investigators will require a retainer, which will be expensed against your contractual rate.  I encourage everyone to have a written contract with whichever PI you hire so that you have the terms of the investigation and the rate of pay.  This will ensure both you and the PI are protected and are on the same page before you begin.  This field of work is specialized, so you will likely pay a higher rate for someone who has more experience, and less for someone who is new to the industry or lacks the real world investigative experience.

Is this all confidential?

Absolutely, all of our investigators maintain strict confidentiality of your matter.

What is the next step?

Gather up all of the information pertinent to your situation and contact us to schedule a consultation.  Check out our article on What to Expect – PI Consultation.

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