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“Honestly the best money I could have spent.  I wish I would have reached out to Erik and his team so much sooner.  Erik is super easy to talk to and was very upfront about helping me set my expectations.  Thank you

Joe S.     ★★★★★

“I unfortunately needed the immediate services of a Process Server. Fortunately, I found The Investigative Group.  The response time was quick and I was very comfortable speaking with Erik. My situation had a few moving pieces that I felt would make the job very involved. I was assured that the job could be done.  There were no gray areas regarding the services that I needed. Getting my documents to The Investigative Group, was easy and they were in constant communication with me, so I felt as at ease as I could be.  Well, the team at The Investigative Group, did what they do and the subject was able to be served on the first attempt despite the challenges that were built into the job.  I was told when the service request had been completed. I was sent a copy of the service request the next morning via email and notified that the original completed service request was in the mail so I could submit it to the court.  You just don’t know what you’re going to get when you inquire about a service online. I was lucky because from the beginning I felt at ease and confident that I was interacting with a reputable and professional organization and I was not wrong.  If (no in my case), when I need services that fall under the scope of The Investigative Group’s expertise, I will be contacting them because the way this initial job was executed I’m confident that my next job will be handled the exact same way.  I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Eric R.     ★★★★★

“Wow! What law enforcement couldn’t do in a week, The Investigative Group was able to do in less than a few hours. Highly recommend this business to take care of any urgent or complicated process services. Attentive, thorough, and accommodating! Great experience from start to finish.”

Jen C.     ★★★★★

“I work security for a high profile client and this client had a situation that required more than my own skillset so I reached out to The Investigative Group.  I received a call back right away and PI Erik and I discussed the case.  I could tell he knew his stuff because he was asking questions I had not even thought of.  Ultimately my client and I had a follow up with Erik and we moved forward with hiring him.  The client was extremely impressed with how thorough the investigation was done and the instant updates we received along the way.  If I ever need his assistance again, I will definitely come back here.”

Brock D.     ★★★★★

“Couldn’t ask for anything more. Spoke with Erik within a half hour of contacting the company. Explained the situation and background. Handled everything over the phone including payment which was very reasonable.
Papers were served even faster than I was told to expect. (Same day in fact.)
Again – Couldn’t ask for anything more in a process server. Top notch service. Would give 6 stars if possible. Thank you again.”

Brendan M.     ★★★★★

“We are very impressed with Erik and his team at The Investigative Group.  We had to serve a person in the Sacramento area with legal papers.  Erik took care of it quickly and professionally.  He is also very pleasant to work with.  Thank you Erik!”

Ofir L.     ★★★★★

“Erik with the Investigative Group was Fantastic! He is prompt to respond, professional, and friendly. The report that I received was thorough and well written. He went over and beyond to help me research the information that I needed. I would absolutely do business with him again!
I feel so much more comfortable using the investigative group over a random, uncertain website, especially when not only needing important information, but wanting a trustworthy and reliable source.”

Danielle I.     ★★★★★

They really did a great job for me.  I recommend them to anyone who needs a PI.  Very nice and fast, even got information for me that I didn’t expect.

Bill T.     ★★★★★

“I am a small business owner and when I started out, I needed to decide on a group of applicants to hire.  I also own another business with a partner and in the past we used online companies to conduct background checks for employment.  This time, I decided to go with The Investigative Group on referral from a friend who used them for a personal matter.  I called the company and Eric answered.  He took the time to speak with me about the entire process for over 40 minutes.  He answered every question I had and really helped me understand the differences between online backgrounds, other background companies and backgrounds that are done by him-The Investigative Group.  I am here too tell you that there IS a BIG difference!  Eric was not only thorough, but provided additional services that I did not even know could be done.  He took care of everything…literally EVERYTHING!  Eric conducted the backgrounds for the applicants, he contacted references, conducted in person interviews and he even offered polygraph services!  I did not even know this could be done!  This company is fantastic and I will only ever use them in the future.  I really can’t say enough great things about Eric and the work he does.  I felt like we have even grown to be friends now.  Eric is not only a great person, but I can tell he takes pride in what he does.  Thank you for saving me the headache of wondering if I made the right choice in who to hire. “

Lauren S.     ★★★★★

“I have long suspected my husband of being unfaithful but never had any proof.  Every time I found something suspicious, he was able to convince me that I was going crazy.  Finally I decided that I needed peace of mind so I reached out to Erik at The Investigative Group.  Erik has some really cool equipment that showed me location history of where my husband was going when I was at work.  When confronted, my husband  made excused and still denied it.  Erik explained the polygraph process and in fact they use an even more advanced machine that involves analyzing the voice pattern also.  My husband actually agreed to the test and he failed both times.  Erik took the time to explain how the test showed he failed.  After the exam results, my husband finally admitted that he cheated on me.  I immediately felt a sense of relief and also vindication because I knew I was right all along!  I agreed to counseling, but who knows.  I am just so thankful for this company and for Erik.  He really knows what he’s doing!”

Sarah H.     ★★★★★

“When I contacted this private investigator company I didn’t know what I really needed.  He guided me through the process and didn’t made me feel at ease even though I was so stressed out.  Sometimes I felt like I was talking to a friend and not someone I hired. Although there were moments when I was getting impatient and wanted answers right away, I was always reassured with a conversation.  He always made time to talk to me, and I can really tell that Erik cares about his clients and does a great job.”

Layla P.     ★★★★★

“Couldn’t ask for anything more. Spoke with Erik within a half hour of contacting the company. Explained the situation and background. Handled everything over the phone including payment which was very reasonable.
Papers were served even faster than I was told to expect. (Same day in fact.)
Again – Couldn’t ask for anything more in a process server. Top notch service. Would give 6 stars if possible. Thank you again.”

-Garret R     ★★★★★

“Used them for a family law issue.  They were very professional and able to assist me on short notice for personal service and surveillance.  The matter was slightly dangerous as well, but both PIs that assisted me seemed very prepared for any issue that might come up.  I called them needing services the same day about 3 hours later and they were able to accommodate.  One of the PI’s was former law enforcement which helped because he had insights on the case and police procedures.  I definitely recommend this PI group.”

-Stephen K.     ★★★★★

“I recently found myself in a situation where I needed a private investigator. I had never hired one before and did not even know where to begin. I called a few others on yelp and was met with rude and condescending people who obviously didn’t care about my situation. But then, I called the Investigative Group and immediately noticed a difference. I spoke with Eric, one of the investigators. He was friendly, didn’t rush me and listened intently to my problem. He gave me honest feedback about situation, reviewed my options. He invited me to his office to discuss my case further, oh by the way they give free consults. He literally spent almost an hour talking with me about my case. I decided to hire them and they really exceeded my expectations. These guys really know what they are doing and are very professional along the way. I never once felt like I couldn’t reach out to them, and I never felt taken advantage of. They even reached out to me after they were done to just check in. They helped me tremendously when I was completely at a loss. Truly a stand up company, run by pros. I don’t ever write reviews but I felt the need to share what a great experience I had with the people at the Investigative Group.”

-Mark B.     ★★★★★

“Highly recommend!!  When the mother of my child found out I filed a parenting plan in the State of Arizona, she grabbed my son and fled the state to California.  She was bouncing around LA and Sacramento metro areas.  A friend of a friend in Folsom was able to prove she was there.  I left a message for Erik and he immediately returned my call.  He understood my urgency to serve her before she could flee again.  He asked the right questions and within an hour was at the residence waiting for her.  He kept me updated throughout the wait.  She finally appeared and tried to run away from Erik.  He didn’t let it happen!  He chased her down and served her despite all her efforts to avoid being served.  I finally get to see my son again!  Erik knocked this out not only on the first attempt but he did this all within 3 hours of explaining how urgent this was for me!  Best money I’ve ever spent.  Hire this man is all I have to say!!!”

-Thomas J.     ★★★★★

“I cannot say enough great things about this company. I was in very stressful situation and never thought I would have to hire a private investigator. After exhausting other options with no help or resolution, I finally reached out to this group. From the very beginning, Erik took the time to listen to every detail and answer every question or concern I had. Although it took some time to resolve my case, I am so grateful for the persistence and dedication they had. I would recommend them to ANYONE in need of these services. They are personable, strategic and good people! My life has finally returned to normal because of them.”

-Melissa G     ★★★★★

“As an attorney I depend on accurate and timely information.  Over the years I have used many process servers and many investigators.  An associate recommended The Investigative Group to me so I reached out and was very impressed with the first job they did for me and my client.  The level of professionalism displayed and the sheer amount of information he was so quickly able to provided has helped many of our cases.  Erik is my ‘go-to’ guy now.  Dependable and very reasonable pricing”

Natalia J.     ★★★★★

“My name is Brittany, and I have never needed nor never thought I would even in my lifetime hire a private investigator. I’m not a pro at determining what to ask or look for in an investigative service. But I knew one thing-If I didn’t do something-I wouldn’t have a choice later. Eric the CEO of the company was immediately available! The CEO? That never happens! He immediately assessed my situation quickly and skiptraced more info in the matter of on the person I was looking for than I or my friends could. Eric was strategic, effective, honest and incredibly flexible. The next day he found the person I was looking and kept in communication the entire time. I thank God for ppl like Eric. This company cares about ppl and doing the right thing. If you’re in a situation where you feel clueless and don’t know how to move forward-stop looking now. Seriously, you’re done! Let Eric and his team take it from here. The job will get done. Thanks”

-Spears Z.     ★★★★★

“I work at a law firm and we use the Investigative Group several times a month for our legal service as well as on behalf of our clients. Erik continues to deliver fast results, and never disappoints. glad that we finally have one place to go for our Investigative needs. Did I mention, they are quick too? Thanks guys!”

-Trenton B.     ★★★★★

“I phoned the Investigative Group and received a reply within 30 minutes.  Eric listened to my case, gave me instructions on getting my papers to him, and addressed my concerns about a hard to reach person.  He did thorough research, kept me updated, and was ready for service that evening.  Within 24 hours, my papers were served.  Eric listened, was diligent, and was even able to make me laugh in a difficult situation.  Thank you for a job well done!”

-Melanie R.     ★★★★★

“Highly recommended, did a fantastic job for me. Timely, informative and professional. Thank You gentlemen.”

-Steve W.     ★★★★★

“A friend recommended the Investigative Group to me when I was looking for a private investigator to help me with a child custody/child support matter. I was very pleased with their company and was put at ease almost immediately when I met Erik in his office for the free consultation. Hiring a private investigator was new to me, but he made the experience easy was able to get the information that I needed. Many thanks to the Investigative Group.”

-Kate S.     ★★★★★

“I needed some documents served quick because my court date was coming up. I had another company try to serve my documents but they weren’t successful so I called The Investigative Group.  These guys took care of locating the person and serving my documents all within the same day. Their prices were less than the other companies also. They saved me from having to reset my court trial. Thank you! I definitely will only ever use you guys next time. Very professional, fast and good prices.”

-Kyle L.     ★★★★★

“I’ve got nothing but good things to say about The Investigative group. I hired them to help locate a long lost friend. Within 24 hours they located my friend. Erik, the owner, was very professional and sympathetic with my desire to locate my friend. I definitely recommend The Investigative Group. Thanks guys.” 

-Max M.     ★★★★★

“From my initial free consultation with The Investigative Group, until they were finished with my surveillance case, I felt at ease and confident in choosing to use their service. They were very thorough, paid attention to detail, and kept in constant contact with me, updating me throughout their investigation. They were great and I’m glad I chose this company. Thanks guys!”

-Justin C.     ★★★★★

“Great, and fast service. I needed documents served-the investigative group got it done after another company failed. I hired them a second time to help gather evidence for my case. They were able to find out information I never expected was available. Well worth the money spent , as I firmly believe I won the case because of them.”

-Kal B.     ★★★★★

“You guys truly changed my life and opened my eyes to reality! I was so nervous to even call that day and had no idea what to expect. I was confused and sad and so lost. Erik made me feel at ease and completely walked me through every single step explaining my options. I felt like I was talking to a friend and not an investigator. I could tell that he cared and never once did I feel like he was trying to sell me on his service. So I hired the Investigative Group after meeting with Erik and they got to work right away. They were so thorough, kept me updated and involved. Because of them, they saved me from making a terrible mistake. They are sooo good at what they do, they really are. I can’t thank you enough! The cost was reasonable and they gave me a detailed list. Honest, thorough and super nice!”

-Jessica D.     ★★★★★

“I hired the Investigative Group in El Dorado Hills to help me on a custody case and was very impressed by their service and sincere compassion with the situation I was in. They kept in constant communication with me, updating me on the status of my case. I’d recommend them to anyone needing the services of a private investigator.”

-Mark L.     ★★★★★

“I’ve got nothing but good to say about The Investigative group. I hired them to help locate a long lost friend. Within 24 hours they located my friend. Erik, the owner, was very professional and sympathetic with my desire to locate my friend. I definitely recommend The Investigative Group. Thanks guys.”

-Tobi B.     ★★★★★

“My life was falling apart. I was in the grips of an addiction and a pandemic and the LAST thing I needed was a good friend of mine [to] steal a car in my name. I’ve never been in trouble with the law, I don’t have a criminal background but unfortunately because of my poor choices- I brought 2 ppl in my life who were not safe. Impulsive and addicted my good friend stole a rental car from me. It wasn’t until HERTZ started charging me $100 a day, EVERYDAY that car wasn’t returned. The rental place wasn’t looking for it- they were looking for ME! My friend had relapsed on meth and was out of control. I Messaged to Eric the case and he came up with a plan. Oh and while speaking to him I felt safe. I almost feel bad because they did SO much to help me, he cut me a deal because he is so nice.  He even talked to me about my addiction issues and didn’t make me feel bad.  Eric even followed up weeks later just to see how I was doing!!!  He is the real deal and an great person! I wish I could give 10 stars! Thank you Eric!”

-Britt Z.     ★★★★★

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