Can I track my spouse’s car?

Can I track my spouse’s car?

In many cases of suspected infidelity, I often am asked by clients, “Can we put a GPS tracking device on his/her car to find out where he/she goes?”  To answer this question, we first need to determine a few important facts.  State laws frequently vary from Federal Laws and are often times more restrictive than Federal Laws.  Here in California, the state law requires the consent of the registered owner of the vehicle.  For example, if a boyfriend wanted to track his girlfriend’s car and they did not own the vehicle together and were not on title together, this would not be legal to do.  However, in another scenario let’s assume we have a married couple who co-own a vehicle and hold title together. In this situation it would be legal for one party to authorize a tracking device.  Laws in your own states may vary from California, so I encourage each of you to find out what regulations your state has in effect.  If you find a private investigator who does not ask these questions prior to promising to place a GPS device, turn around and find someone else.  The liability may land on you both in the end.  If you are local to California and would like to speak with one of our investigators about infidelity, divorce, or custody disputes, please reach out to us.  We are happy to discuss your case to provide direction or a free consultation.

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